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melbourne carpet cleaning vanSpilling things and making messes are part of everyday life. As careful as we are, they’re unavoidable. While most messes can usually be dealt with just some soap, water and a cloth, heavier stains can require professional skills, especially if you’ve stained your carpeting.

Our skilled cleaning service can provide you with stain removal expertise you need in order to restore whatever has been stained. Call us and schedule a meeting. We respond immediately and are always ready to take on the most stubborn and tenacious stains.

Best Carpet Cleaners Melbourne takes care of residential clients as well as businesses. We know how important it is for you to have a home or office you can be proud of. That is why we specialize in eliminating tough stains on your rugs, mats and carpets.

Our prices are the best in the area, so put your worries about the costs aside. We have many years of experience in rug cleaning. We have a loyal client base that counts on us to get the job done right. We are proud to call ourselves experts in carpet cleaning. Contact us today with any carpet you need clean or stain removed.

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carpet cleaning red wine melbourneAt Best Carpet Cleaners Melbourne we do more than just rub away at a stain. We inspect every stain carefully and assess its origin. To do this, we examine each stain in order to identify it properly. The key to removing a stain is by thoroughly checking it to identify the right products to use.

We are experts at removing the following types of stains:

• Carpet stains
• Coffee stains
• Wine stains
• Ink stains
• Blood stains


carpet cleaning paint melbourneStain Inspection

All products we use are eco-friendly. We save as much water as possible, while at the same time successfully removing the toughest stains. We use special machines that make sure excess moisture is removed from your carpet or other material.


Subsequently, we re-inspect to make sure that the stain has been completely removed after the job has been done.

Booking Hotline: (03) 8672 3261


carpet cleaners melbourneAttempting to remove stains yourself can be time consuming. In the end, you may very likely end up wasting large amounts of water and chemicals, and could even destroy the stained fabric without completely getting rid of the stain. In most cases, it is best to leave the dirty work to experts that use their years of experience as well as their knowledge on the newest stain removing technologies

Our experts have extensive knowledge about chemicals which makes it much easier to choose the appropriate remover for each stain in proper proportions. Stains are easier to remove immediately after occurring which is why it is a good idea to call on a professional before it sticks for good. Our specialists have all the necessary tools and chemicals. We are always ready to act fast, so as not to give the stain time to become a permanent problem.

We have gained many loyal customers over the years – we owe it to our honest approach and straightforward attitude. We are eager to take on any challenge no matter how big, small or complex it is. Call now and find out for yourself how we can help.


professional cleaner contact melbourneContact us today and have one of our skilled experts analyse the type and extent of your stain. Don’t let it become a permanent problem. We are just a phone call away. Whether it comes to simple wine stains or flood damaged carpets, Best Carpet Cleaners Melbourne is here to help you.

Booking Hotline: (03) 8672 3261