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carpet cleaning benefit melbourneEveryone loves a professionally-cleaned rugs. Whether they are small rugs or larger carpets, don’t settle for anything less than a carpet cleaned by the professionals at Best Carpet Cleaning Melbourne.

At Best Carpet Cleaners Melbourne, our expertise is in carpet cleaning for both our domestic and commercial customers. Eliminating stains, deep cleaning and bringing your carpet back to life is our specialty. Our Melbourne services include not only general rug cleaning, but also run the spectrum from cleaning flood damaged carpets to smaller projects such as upholstery cleaning.
Our experienced and friendly team can provide service to every suburb around Melbourne. Over the years, we have helped thousands of customers by maintaining our ‘do it right the first time’ philosophy for all Melbourne customers big or small.

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Why Use A Professional Rug Cleaning Service?

melbourne carpet cleaning vanThere are many reasons to use a professional carpet cleaning service. For one, area rugs are most often constructed with fibres that respond quite differently to cleaning than traditional home or office carpets. Yours could easily be damaged either by scrubbing too hard, or from using the wrong cleaning solution or utensils, especially if cleaned by someone less knowledgeable than our skilled professionals. Best Carpet Cleaners Melbourne is a professional carpet cleaning service for everything from simple to classic Persian rugs. We can assure you that your carpets will be refreshed and renewed, not just cleaned. Of course there’s nothing you need to do except sit back, relax, and say goodbye to spots, spills, and pressed-in dirt. By the time we’re done, your rugs will look like new again.

Here at Best Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, we realize every cleaning situation is unique. There are many different construction methods, dyes, fibre types, and grades that there isn’t just one single approach to cleaning and maintenance. That’s why we conduct a thorough analysis of your rug, noting heavily ­soiled or high ­traffic areas that require special attention. We carefully determine which cleaning solution is suited for your rug, and combine it with our state of the art equipment to achieve optimum results.

Booking Hotline: (03) 8672 3261

Our Rug Cleaning Process

commercial cleaning-malbourneRugs are perhaps the oldest form of movable home furnishing. They started out as pelts from an animal hunted for food and were used to soften and warm the hard cave flooring. Many cultures in many parts of the world over thousands of years have employed a wide variety of vegetable, animal, and more recently, man-made fibres to produce carpets for both decoration and comfort.
• Our cleaning service consists of an initial inspection where our trained technicians do a walk-through to identify overall soil conditions and carpet wear. Your carpet is then vacuumed with powerful commercial equipment to remove loose surface dirt, pet dander, lint, and other insoluble dry contaminates. Woven carpets, in particular hand-knotted wool carpets, conceal substantially more dry dirt than most carpets do.
• Studies have found that a 9 x 12 area carpet could hold as much as 40 kilos of particulate soil! There are a variety of methods to remove soil left over after vacuuming. They vary from gently beating the carpet (like grandma once did) from the back side with a special machine. This drives the soil missed by the vacuum out of the carpet, where it can then be vacuumed a second time to remove any tiny particles left on the surface.
• After all of the loose dirt is removed, our professionals will perform a check for colour fastness, then pre-treat any potentially difficult spots and pre­condition any natural fibre carpets. The pre­conditioning step prior to cleaning allows the soil to be thoroughly broken down by the time we get to the deep cleaning phase. Any fringe areas are pre-treated for maximum soil removal.
• Our professional carpet cleaning experts will next evaluate your carpet to choose the best cleaning method for maximum soil removal based on fibre content, delicacy and colourfastness. Your rug will then be cleaned to remove the soil, then fully rinsed to eliminate the possibility of residue.
carpet clean melbourne• Finally, rug will be completely dried. Depending on the material it will either be laid out, or hung to dry before receiving the final vacuuming and grooming along with the use of a fabric protector that will guard against soiling and staining (including oil-based stains). Remember, the use of special protection agents for fabric can boost the health of the rug as well as help keep it cleaner for much longer.

About our Rug Cleaning Services in Melbourne

If you suspect your rug needs a professional cleaning, then Best Carpet Cleaners Melbourne are as close as your telephone. Our friendly team include only skilled and trained cleaning professionals. Call us today for carpet cleaning deals across the Melbourne area. Nobody can beat our prices, and no cleaning job is too big or too small from minor carpet stain removal to much larger carpet cleaning projects.

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