Mattress Cleaning Melbourne

mattress-cleaningMattresses can be heavy and awkward to move making it difficult to effectively clean them. It is important however to clean these rather regularly due to the large amounts of dust, hair, and dander that they collect over time. Left unchecked these particles can contribute to the development of respiratory problems.

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne provides the best in thorough mattress cleaning service in Melbourne for both residential and commercial customers, making sure your mattress is free of bed bugs and allergens so you can rest easy again.

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Why Professionally Clean Your Mattress?

benefits clean mattressMost people don’t realize how dirty their mattress really is. This means people turn a blind eye to the sweat that has soaked into it and the dander and hair that is coating it leading to a large buildup of odor factors and allergens leading to respiratory problems. But by having your mattress professionally cleaned you avoid these potential health hazards and have a much cleaner smelly bed again. This means you’ll sleep better and feel healthier too.

Our Mattress Cleaning Process

Mattress Inspection
As with any job we start by examining what we are working with. We inspect for stains and take note of the fabric type to determine the best cleaners and make sure not to use solutions that will damage or discolor your mattress. We also see if there is any existing damage to your mattress and see what is needed to repair it.

kids clean mattress Mattress Vacuum
Once we see what tools are best for the job we proceed to prep the mattress for cleaning by going over it with a vacuum. This will clear up large portions of allergens like hair and pet dander, making the mattress significantly cleaner right from the start. We get the best results with our commercial strength vacuum cleaners making sure to use settings that are safe for your mattress fabric, using lower settings for more delicate materials.

Mattress Clean
Next we start using our cleaning solutions which will disinfect and sterilize your mattress. These cleaners will go a long way towards removing the odors from your mattress as well so it will smell clean and new again. After that has been done we thoroughly remove the moisture to prevent mold and mildew growth so your mattress stays clean and fresh.

Re-inspect Mattress
After all is said and done we go over the mattress again to make sure there aren’t any stains that need removal. We also make sure you are satisfied with the results and can go over trouble spots again to make sure the mattress is thoroughly cleaned.

Booking Hotline: (03) 8672 3261

Do I Have to Have my Mattress Cleaned?

mattress cleaning kidsPeople often underestimate how dirty their bed really is because the things your bed picks up often are not easily visible. Contact a professional today to examine your mattress and see what our cleaning services can do for you and we guarantee you’ll get a better night’s sleep.

Not only that but when it comes to mattress cleaning we do it better than the other guys and provide the best value for your time. When you hire professional mattress cleaners in Melbourne like us you get the best in professional cleaning equipment and skills. You also get a mattress cleaning team that knows which chemical cleaners to use and how to apply them while cleaning your mattress. We make cleaning your mattress easy so you don’t have to stress out over it.

• Relieves Allergies
• Eases on Asthmatic Responses
• Improves Sleep Quality
• Makes you Feel Better about Your Bed
• Makes for a sanitized and clean bed

While sleeping we allow a lot to be absorbed into our bed, from hair to sweat, and with animals in your home you’ll even get pet dander. These things build up over time and left unchecked attract bed bugs and other pests like silverfish. Don’t let your mattress become an attractive home for these invaders, call on us instead to restore your mattress to a cleaner state.

Dust mites and bed bugs will grow and breed in an unmaintained mattress and their bites can lead to infections. Don’t let them feed on you, cut them off before they get started by maintaining your mattress starting today. These things are unhealthy for you and your household and they get worse the longer they are left to build up.

We are Melbourne’s number one choice when it comes to mattress cleaning needs. We cater to both residential and commercial needs; which make us experienced with any mattress cleaning needs you may have. Don’t settle for second best, get the greatest value for your time and money; when we do a job we get it done right the first time. Call us now to see what we can do for you today.

Residential Mattress Cleaning

No one likes the feeling that comes with sleeping on a dirty bed, but the change from clean to dirty is a slow one and sometimes we don’t notice until we’re in the deep end. Don’t worry though if things have gotten out of hand, our professionals have you covered. From general cleaning to fighting off a bed bug infestation we are trained to meet your mattress cleaning needs.

Commercial Mattress Cleaning

Many businesses can find use for our mattress cleaning services from school dormitories to hospital beds we have you covered. Don’t trust second rate competitors, get only the best in mattress cleaning services for your business, it’s the healthy option and your customers will appreciate it. Call now to set up a routine service to keep your whole building taken care of.

About Our Cleaning Services In Melbourne

cleaning service melbourneIn addition to assisting you with all of your mattress cleaning needs we also provide a wide variety of other cleaning services for the Melbourne area. Our representatives are available over the phone 24/7 so call us with any questions and to schedule a service today. Speak with us now to see what our cleaning services can do for you.

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