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You stepped into your house and found water rushing in from the drains. Your carpets have been submerged in water, furniture is dripping water, and there is that foul smell. An ordeal you dreadupholstery cleaner melbourne to happen.

But if you do, then you definitely have a damage carpet emergency. Whether pipes are leaking, a toilet overflowing, or water coming in from the outside, these damages are such an inconvenience. Our specialists have the latest technology in helping you with flooded carpet cleaning.

Whether it’s flood damage or some other type of emergency that is threatening your carpeting and furniture, we are available to help you remove any unwanted water in your house and help with the restoration. We have a wide variety of carpet cleaning utilities including carpet restoration and carpet stain removal all at reasonable prices!

If you are in need of carpet cleaning after flooding, we are able to do that for you. Call the best experts any time of any day for carpet restoration.

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Some of the cleaning services that we offer include the following

carpet cleaning flooding melbourneHandling flooded carpets and rugs depends on where the water is coming from to determine how to clean up the damage. Our experts use industrial style methods of cleaning to restore your carpets. Call our professionals the moment you start to see trouble so that we are able to clean the carpeting for you, before it gets worse. A flooded carpet could not only be potentially damaged, but can also grow mould.

If your carpeting was flooded with sewage or by a burst pipe, then you can either remove the carpeting and dispose of it yourself, or you can call a professional company such as Best Carpet Cleaning Melbourne. If you ever have doubts such as where the water is coming from, we recommend that you just assume it is not clean and may be contaminated.

• Cleaning up wet or flooded carpets and removing any water that is remaining
• Repairing or re-stretching any wet carpeting
• Protecting any fabric or carpeting
• Cleaning or disinfecting any wet or damaged carpeting to prevent the growth of mould

Flood damage or other water emergencies that are threatening your home are all reasons for us to help you to clean, restore, or repair your carpeting. We strongly recommend getting assistance from us to help you clean, while offering you inputs on how to do it properly. One of the worst things that could happen would be for the stubborn smells to still be lingering after you’ve tried cleaning the carpet yourself. Our carpet clean-up team consists of experts in all kinds of flooded carpet cleaning or repair. Getting help with cleaning up or replacing your carpeting is just a call away.

We will dispatch a clean-up crew to you as quickly as possible while you are following these important steps.

1. Identify the source of the damage

If you are safely able to do so, you should try to find the location of the leak and turn off the water supply. Shut off any water lines or look for ways to cover any access points where water is coming in from the outside. Finding out where the water is coming from can help with figuring out what kind of treatment is needed. Any contaminated water, such as that from toilets, or septic tanks, needs to be handled differently because it may harbor bacteria and disease.

2. Make sure there are no electricity sources around the water

Water conducts electricity. Hence, they do not mix. Please make sure that you are being careful when you are entering an area with standing water in it. If you are not able to enter safely, refrain from doing so. But where you can do so, remove all electrical lines and cords. Be careful when you are handling battery powered devices as potential of getting shocked is possible especially when hands are wet.

3. Take out any small furniture in affected areas

Any furniture that is able to be safely removed on your own should be put someplace dry. If the furniture was sitting in water you believe may have been contaminated, then make sure you thoroughly clean it when you move it. Any damage caused by water that is sitting under furniture may not be able to dry correctly, possibly creating areas for mould, mildew and unpleasant odour.

4. Remove small items:

Water damage not only affects your carpeting but anything else that may be in the room. Make sure you are keeping an eye out for any fragile items, or anything that could get stained or damaged by the water. Any chemicals that are not tightly sealed can leak in to the water causing potentially dangerous situations.

Booking Hotline: (03) 8672 3261

These are some important guidelines to make sure you follow.

• Make sure you are wearing gloves to protect your hands.
• Put on a facemask to keep yourself from breathing in any toxins.
• Make sure you are wearing close-toed shoes.
•Make sure you wash your hands, even if you had gloves on.
• Make sure that everything that was removed from the water is sanitized.
• Remove drawers, doors and panels from furniture to allow it to fully dry.
• Wrap any large furniture feet with aluminium foil to raise the legs off of the wet carpet, while preventing further damage to the wood.

5. What our flood clean-up services include

Our flooded cleaning service staff will arrive quickly to start the assessment of water damage and begin the recovery process. We will take out the water, look for areas where water might have begun to stagnate, and monitor drying to make sure all parts of your house are dry. We will then start to clean the carpeting and upholstery to prevent mould and eliminate odours.

Do it yourself tips and tricks on how to clean wet carpeting

carpet cleaner contact melbourneCleaning up your carpeting after a flood usually requires a professional, but you can help the process as long as you have the right tools.

• Use a shop vac system, this can be a very important tool.
• If you have a dehumidifier, turn it on. It can be used to remove moisture in the air.
• Use a shampooer to remove any water that is left in the carpeting.
• Do not take up the carpeting as this could lead to them shrinking.

If you have an emergency, do not hesitate to give us a call. There is no job that is too small or big for us. We have a wide variety of carpet cleaning services in Melbourne, and nobody can match our prices.

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